Thursday, March 18, 2010

happy hearing birthday!

march 18th.
one year ago,
our daughter
at 11 months old
heard sound
for the first time ever.

at first it was bleeps and blips.
now she hears voices, birds, airplanes, lullabies, laughter.

at this exact time in the morning last year
her cochlear implants were activated,
making today her 1st hearing birthday.
after one year of soaking up sound
constant narration of every noise we hear
small & large milestones
booth tests
wig tape
she speaks in words & some short sentences.

there is still a long road ahead.

but after a year of listening and talking,
we celebrate the joy
that is the miracle
of her
being able to hear
her own laughter.


  1. those are the best pictures ever. good job capturing her beautiful little spirit you!!

  2. What a blessing-celebrate, celebrate.

  3. wig tape! I remember having to run into that hair extensions store in philly for wig tape for her hearing aids...she's come a long way! and now she's speaking in sentences! yah!

  4. beautiful post! what a lovely bright spirit she has, & so fortunate to have persistent parents advocating for her, loving her, celebrating her milestones along the journey as you all go along together!

    love, hope, strength to you all as you move into another year of the adventure that is life with small children growing & changing. amazing!

  5. happy hearing birthday monrovia! you share your special day with nicolas and riley - it's their birthday, too! love to you.

  6. Happy Hearing Birthday!!! Here's to a lifetime of great sounds ahead. And you two look so much alike!

  7. yay for MIRACLES
    and for dr robertson
    and for persistent parents
    i am screaming for joy
    can monrovia hear me?
    i'm just a few blocks away

  8. Happy (belated) hearing birthday little m!!

  9. Happy hearing birthday little M! I love how her hair has grown and her beautiful curls. I tried your brownie recipe - OMG they were amazing and gooey. I love your blog.


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