Thursday, March 11, 2010

my newest favorite thing

i love sparkling water
(although i like what our friends' daughter call it even better: bubble juice).

still or sparkling? flat or gas?
i say give me the sparkling every single time.

for christmas my mom gave matt and i the most awesome present.
which makes sparkling water (and soda if you add flavoring) in about 30 seconds.
it's fantastic, especially because i never drink enough water,
but if there is sparkling water i drink it all the day long.
but who wants to pay $1 a bottle, when it is basically 3 glasses of water's worth?
not me.

enter the soda stream...

it is so easy:
1. cold tap water
2. pour it into the bottle
3. attach it to the soda stream maker
4. press the button 3 times to add carbonation...
and that's it!
5. lots of bubbles (you can add or more less fizz to taste)

it's my new favorite thing.


  1. oh, i want one of those....hmmm.

  2. so very fun, eh? I need to order some more flavors!

  3. i can't even believe how cute you are. seriously.

  4. Susannah Eloyse, I need more posts. 7 days being surpassed is too long. I'm addicted... please

  5. shut up!!! brill-balls!

    i want one.


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