Wednesday, August 3, 2011

here's the thing.

i started writing this last week, and as you can see, even my blog post about being a bad blogger didn't make it to completion:

i'm feeling a little wonky if you haven't noticed. usually i don't blog when i'm either really busy or feeling like i'm on the express train to blahs-ville, and well, this month has been a combination of the two. it has been a great summer. really. full of lots of activity, babies being born, out-of-town family coming to visit, studios being finished (almost!), the delights of being a mom mixed in with the travails of a toddler and baby,  and so on.

i'm really ready for a vacation. i think i need some time to re-group, check in with my husband over more than who is making the snacks and lunch for our daughters or passing each other like ships in the night, and hang out with my little family with no agenda.

that said, i'm happy to say that we are on vacation! and doing a lot of nothing. i took an hour and a half nap yesterday, just because. i've had a lot of thoughts on blogging lately, including whether i should keep blogging, but for now, here is what our last two days have looked like:
 our rickety little cabin with awesome right-on-the-water-ness
(so living the nature channel with big spiders and moths and ants to which matt says, "it is a cabin" 
to which i say, "yes- a cabin. not a campground or the forest.")
 where i left matt sitting when i came to blog

the littles are enjoying lots of time with both of us at once

matt's gone kayaking twice so far, and i've roped him into some family exercise-fests
so good for my soul

i need a few good summer reads-
any suggestions?


  1. (1) You *will* keep blogging.
    (2) Vacation spot looks perfect!
    (3) I admire spiders (from a distance) outdoors, but when they trespass on my turf, they forfeit all rights. Cabin interiors are considered turf.
    (4) Enjoy, replenish, and renew!

  2. Keep blogging!

    That lake looks absolutely amazing - I want to be there! Such clear and sparkling water - I hope you get some good rest!

    Have a great vacation, and come home refreshed!

  3. Please keep blogging! Though we've never met, I really enjoy your posts (I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, can relate on so many levels!). I sort of hoped that if my family ever makes it out west to visit Adam and Sarah, we could bump into you guys!
    As for a few good summer reads:
    I've just finished The Help; I read it in 2 days, it was that good. I also love the Elm Creek Quilters series and the Mitford series.

  4. Oh, I didn't see that request for summer books before. I'm currently reading _Pay Attention, for Goodness' Sake: The Buddhist Path of Kindness_ by Sylvia Boorstein. Love it.

  5. I look for your blog everyday, you know. As for books: I have been enjoying anything by Nicole Krauss and last week I read Save Me by Lisa Sottoline and Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Both were easy to devour. I love that you are on vacation with your loves. So good for the soul.

  6. hey love,
    happy holiday!
    glass castle and the help for the movie is coming out asap. oh and sorta like a rock star...i laughed, i cried.
    love you and love your blog!

  7. chiming in with the keep blogging chorus.
    happy vacation my friend.

  8. Keep blogging! U inspire me!
    Where did u get the fun paint by number?
    Have you read The Help? Enjoyed it and looking forward to the movie!
    Enjoy your family time-the view looks amazing!

  9. where would i go for inspiration? i think you know the answer to that and to what you will do. no capitals... hmm where'd i learn that?

  10. keep blogging, your writing is so true and real.As for books, the help, Jennifer Weiner came out with a new book called Then came you. Enjoy!!!

  11. haha so much to comment
    1. 'camping' involves cabins and the whole point of cabins is to avoid spiders. you know how my family 'camps'

    b. we totally love 'jamberry' so i laughed when i saw that book

    third - that cabin view is awesome. i totally know where it is to the left of the beach area.

    and finally i just finished 'some girls' by jillian lauren that i was asking you about. crazy story. and i think it's a true story. also my mom just gave me 'unbroken' which is on the nytimes best seller list. haven't read it yet. and you need to read melissa faye green's 'there is no me without you' cause she has another new book out something about biking in the kitchen.

  12. I love the comments here, but Amy's is the best. 1, b, third and finally. Amy you are funny. Hugs x

  13. Barbara Kingsolver's _Lacuna_

    Mary Gordon's latest--_Love of my youth_ (i think--too lazy to go look at my bedside table)

    Neal Stephenson's _Anathem_

    David Mitchell _The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet_

    and last, but certainly not anything like least Anne Patchett's newest --_State of Wonder_ the best book I've read this summer! (L read it & enjoyed it as well)

    Your vacation idyll looks lovely--only wish you were closer--cabins like this, on lakes, with loons, quite near to our home!

  14. aka-mama, i got the paint by number at dick blick art store, but it is a melissa & doug product so i'm sure you could find it online or at a michael's.

    thanks, all for the great book recommends!!!

  15. we should talk about blogging sometime. i've had similar thoughts.

    sounds like you've had plenty of book recommendations...but i recently read Tattoos on the Heart by Father Boyle and loved it (laughed and cried). Not exactly summer fiction but such a good read and i think you'd like it.


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