Friday, September 9, 2011

and just like that, it's friday

it's been a busy week around these parts!
 m is going to two schools this year- her deaf school tuesday, wednesday and thursday, 
and a mainstream preschool co-op on monday and friday.

be still my beating heart - today was her first day of that school, and i'm not going to lie, i'm nervous for my sweet girl to be forging into new territory where she's the only kid who is deaf & has implants. i'm sure she will be just fine, but my mommy instinct is in overdrive this morning.
that, and i'm sad not to have our regular family friday (matt's day off is friday) and lazy monday errand day like last year. 

i'm hoping that the gift will be some one on one time with ruby:
 this one? 
look at that face.
 she is trouble, i tell you. 
(of course i love every ounce of her troublemaking self)
suddenly, as if someone waved a magic wand over her, ruby is into everything. 
she's a walking, climbing, crawling, pulling up and onto, stair attacking machine. 
 and this, my friends, was my daughters' room (it actually got worse because m decided to "help" me) until i spent almost all monday cleaning it.  
yep, keep it classy, susannah.
kind of funny, because it doesn't look as bad as it truly was here 
(or enough to merit 5 hours of work), 
but let me tell you, it was driving me crazy. 
sidenote: mom of the year goes to me yet again;
 notice ruby is about to open the diaper pail as i snap this picture.

we spent labor day with a group of friends
 our pal peter giving little m a twirl

 fun for our kiddos to race around and play together
 our friend micah whisking m away
 i have no words for this picture.
 rocked a few late nights this week for papyrus...
this week has been full of cards that are being edited and edited again. 
(not my favorite to paint and repaint a card just because they decide on a different color.)
 my favorite person.
it's been a full week with some hard stuff, and i'm so glad we are on this journey together.

and here is m's second first day of school picture! 
here she is outside of her new mainstream preschool, ready to take on a whole new adventure!

hope you have a fantastic weekend! i'll announce the giveaway winner by tomorrow!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that i'm proud of your walk with matt and the girls. They are both beautiful and they are growing up in a wonderful environment. It might look and sound like the girls are way outta control now, but they have grown through difficulty and are becoming cherished souls. I love them so much......

  2. I love the pictures! Good luck to M on her first days at a new school - she's going to love it!

    I won't even post a picture of our playroom. Honestly, it is ridiculous. I should clean it, but I just shut the door instead...

  3. I heart these photos! So happy and full of life. I'm sure M will rock school. The "playroom," if you will, is at least filled with toys, and not greasy bike parts ;)

  4. it DOES get easier...the whole mainstream thang!

  5. Noah did mainstream preschool all of last school year without one single glitch. She is going to do GREAT. She is ready!

  6. I am so excited to hear about M's first days at the co op! (Totally understand the mama nerves.)Sending you love and wishes for a relaxing and happy weekend, friends!


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