Wednesday, September 14, 2011


this preview is so, so funny.
thank you, nbc, for bringing will arnett back on a show.
he's hilarious.

i love the part when they both think they've been awake all night- 
um, no, not familiar at all at this house.

oh, and my girls have the same sheets as their baby.
(little tastemakers)

in real life,
my 3 year old is screaming her head off upstairs to resist nap/rest time. 
to which i say,
"sweet girl, you wouldn't be screaming so loudly if you didn't need to sleep. 
do you know how badly i want to sleep?!"

(exhibit a- she was falling asleep in the car on her way home from school but i kept her up til we got home.)


  1. funny...the promo.
    not so funny the screaming 3 year old!! been there done that and i will say "this too shall pass".

  2. I am sooooo excited for this show!!!! And yes, mine is screaming now, resisting nap. (p,.s.. I commented, aren't you proud of me?!?). :)

  3. The louder they scream, the more they need sleep! Matt (my five year old) has figured this out and is finally getting better at NOT crying/screaming, even when he's tired. He knows that means bed, lol! Nolan hasn't figured it out yet (and so he had an early bed time tonight)!

    I hope M took a nap, and I hope you get some rest, too!

  4. I can't wait to see this show!!! Thanks for the post and hang in there...the same is happening at our house. ;(

  5. vince and i just watched this. it was truly hilarious (especially since i had a cocktail in hand! serenity now!).

    viv's quiet times lately are really anything but quiet. "mommy, where are you?!! mommy, come on! come on, mommy! but i love you! mommy? mommy! oh, mooooooommmmmyyyyyy!" heaven help me!

  6. is it sad that i want to watch that show even though we don't have kids? mabes.

    ps. missed you checking your posts! i'll keep reading...