Monday, September 5, 2011


have you heard of anthology magazine?

so many of my favorite and inspiring home/style magazines are no longer as of the last year or two, and anthology has popped up in their (very sad) demise. i usually purchase mine (as well as other magazines for illustration & artmaking inspiration) from my very favorite magazine shop- issues in oakland. last time round, magazines in hand, i decided why not just subscribe, in the hopes that more subscribers would perhaps help this magazine stay around for awhile.

i had a subscription snafu, and long story short, i have an extra copy of the spring issue of anthology, still wrapped in plastic. i've already read mine cover to cover and bought the issue for friends who might enjoy it, so i decided...why not give it away to one of you?

it reminds me of a synthesis of a magazine and blog, and i think you'll enjoy it! it is full of pretty things for your home, party ideas, and other lovelinesses.

would you like it for your very own?

for your entry, tell me your favorite or most inspiring magazine or blog in the comment section through thursday, september 8 at midnight, and i will pick a winner at random this friday!


  1. I love Susannah giveaways! My favorite blogs lately is Mama Monk, this post is a great one today:

  2. I don't read magazines much anymore-too many ads. But I do love the British edition of Country Living. And I must admit I love flipping through those trashy magazines at the nail salon!

  3. My favorite magazine - and I'm guessing yours too by the comments - is Domino. I kept my collection and they are sitting on my bookshelf where I periodically flip through them for fun ideas on decorating my very small new place. ...ahhh, if only they were still around.

  4. an inspiring blog that i love:

  5. I read Frieze magazine and this blog, which I love. And through this I have discovered through Kacie, and have just spent an hour reading it. You don't have to send me the freebie though as it's a long way! Thank you Sooz for introducing me to Kacie... hi Kacie... thank you Kacie for introducing me to livesayhaiti! x


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