Monday, January 6, 2014


this past week has been a rough one for me (perhaps you picked that up from my last couple of posts!) i'm still working through some things, and still feeling a bit tender.

then last night m was dreading going back to kindergarten this morning after her two week vacation. she was sobbing in her bed, and it was kind of breaking my heart. i grew up with my mom always saying she hated the end of vacation and i feel the same. i love having both of my girls home, with time to adventure and play and make our own sort of day. (ahem, that said- i will say that this season has been very challenging, especially with my sweet 5 1/2 year old. she has been pushing as many boundaries as she possibly can; and we've been challenged to figure out how to be good parents to her right now. so, i did love vacation with her- but she was also good at losing privileges the past couple weeks!)

so i dreaded waking up this morning, but i woke up to this:

breathtaking sunrise. a reminder to me that it was a new day outside. 

yesterday i spent some time with a friend who is battling best she can to see as many new days as possible. i'm holding out hope that something miraculous will happen in her body to let her live a very, very long life. in the meantime, i am grateful for this new day, which is a gift. for what i have. for life, and breath, and health and the opportunity to see the sky painted outside of my window.


  1. I just want to say that your description of M as a 5 1/2 year old could be my son (his birthday is April 4th)! He has been sooooo challenging lately and testing us like crazy.... The sobbing before kindergarten happened to us right after Thanksgiving break. I keep saying that our normally sweet child has been replaced by an emotional 15 year old girl.... I guess it is just nice to hear that we are not alone. Rachel

    1. seriously! m's birthday is april 12th! i always try to remember the half years are the hardest!!

  2. Why not homeschool?

    ;) Sorry, random comment from a stranger on the Internet.


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