Wednesday, January 1, 2014

hello, 2014

goodbye christmas
hello 2014!
happy new year, my friends.
i usually wait until my birthday 
(that would be january 14th)
to come up with yearly hopes and goals.

but i do think i aspire to spend more time blogging this year.
i really didn't write that much this past year,
and in many ways i regret it.
there is something about writing that helps me process and think through life-
even if it's the routine.

i had a mini breakdown this morning over some of the same junk that i always end up 
worrying about or struggling through.
i texted my friend, "new year, same issues"

here is to a new beginning, however arbitrary.
to evolving and growing and becoming more whole and healthy 
and who we are meant to be at our best. 

love to you and yours today

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