Thursday, January 2, 2014


i am lucky enough that sometimes, out of nowhere,
i will get a text or a note or a call from a dear one who has no idea what is going on in my day and their words are a gift.

yesterday i was sitting on my couch, my cheeks a bit wet, my spirit deflated when one of my dearest friends texted me out of the blue. i texted her back: i was wrestling with how yet again i was feeling pulled in so many directions, feeling the weight of (often self-imposed) obligations and my list of "shoulds" - play dates i should be scheduling, people i should be calling back or meeting up with, laundry i should be folding, corners of the house i should be cleaning, friends or family i should be checking in on, notes i should be writing...
 this week of vacation felt like stress piled upon stress. 

and minutes later she sent me this photo of this poem by mary oliver.
and tears rolled down my cheeks as i read it.
because it is beautiful.
(and so good for me to read again and again.)
because there is something incredible about being known and understood and accepted.
and that is how i felt reading that poem on the screen of my phone.


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