Thursday, February 27, 2014

need a little magic today?

i love the preschool co-op where we've been the last few years.

it's this magical place where kids can play all morning
getting sandy, wet, dirty, and painty,
and where emotions range from 
anger, frustration, and anxiety to determination, silliness, and joy
(...but never boredom!)

this post is photo heavy, 
but lots of pictures felt like the truest way to experience being a preschooler. 
i don't know about you, but sometimes being a grown up gets pretty exhausting, 
and i could use a day to play at a preschool like this myself!
scroll all the way through (i promise you'll be in a good mood when you are done!)
step inside...

 and back outside...
 (do you spy little m below? this shot i took last year)


i love that this school gives our kids a safe space to 
explore, adventure, build, destroy, pretend, rebuild, create, undo, problem solve, play, get messy, learn, listen, share, 
play some more! 
(i just always have to remind myself that it's ok for my kids 
to be just as imaginative, messy and silly at home too)

happy thursday!
(don't forget to play!)

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