Tuesday, February 4, 2014

in progress

working in my studio today,
with a ton of half finished paintings around me.

one of the downsides to having my studio at our home is that the door to our backyard is in my studio. so any time we have people over (a lot), they are traipsing in and out of this space.
i am always working on a bunch of paintings at once,
and so they are works in progress
and may be a mess
or really ugly
or just the beginning.

it feels vulnerable to have them on display
when they aren't close to being done.
i feel naked every time someone walks through my workspace.
reminds me of life.
i wonder if that's why sometimes we as humans are quick to put on a show of being put together;
deep down we know we are all a bunch of in progress hot messes doing our best with the day we have,
and yet we want to maintain the appearance of having arrived, being organized, knowing what we are doing short term and long term, juggling all of life with ease and grace.

really, we are a bunch of half finished paintings that have a way to go.
but there's also beauty in the mess, right?
there's much to be gleaned in the process.
the final product only gets there with a lot of 
undoing, redoing, editing, fixing, giving up then starting over, and finally perfecting.
(at least i sure hope so)


  1. walking through your studio is always a highlight...i am inspired b you...mess or tidy...completed or in progress. life is messy. community is messy and art is messy so there you are.

  2. This reminded me of the time I arrived at the doctor's office five minutes early instead of my habitual five minutes late. I smiled at the doctor when he walked into the waiting room, even though he gave me a funny look. I said, "can you believe I'm early?" He said, "Actually you are 23 hours and 55 minutes late." I went home and wrote in my journal about how I longed to appear like I have it all together. Apparently I am failing miserably when I try to keep up appearances!

  3. I love your work in progress... reminds me that I need more color in my life. xo


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