Friday, February 28, 2014

random friday action

this is a crazy cute party idea (especially for a rainy day!)

have you ever taken a personality test? what about this one? it's fast and accurate my friends...what number did you get? (i'm a two)

my friend jana sent me this and all i can think of is a. who are these parents that have 8 million hours a day to do things like this? b. why didn't i think of this? c. that family must own a warehouse of tape. d. awesome. so awesome.

my children's room doesn't look like this. but i kind of wish it did- what a sweet little space!

i love this times 100- do you have any idea how many spaces there are in my city that could be transformed this way? 

jimmy kimmel vs. jimmy fallon i don't know- i kind of love them both. 

my friend becky, whose son is in m's kindergarten class has an etsy shop and makes super cute custom invites! take a peek! she's transitioning back to work after being home with her bambino for the last year, so ready for new orders! i especially love this one and this one!

we had some dear friends in town last weekend 
and they bought some paintings from me, including this oil on panel that i love: 
(i know it will have a happy home)

grateful for the rainy day outside! we need more (and more) rain, so bring it on!


  1. I want to buy art from you!!!

  2. I'm also a type 2. but, um, that test was not fast! I thought you meant 5 questions...not 100+! What was your second highest?


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