Thursday, February 20, 2014

do you need to hear this too?

do you ever get impatient?
lose it with (insert human or object or situation here)?
say things you don't mean to in the heat of the moment?

(then please, tell me your secret & you have no need to read any further)
(then welcome to the club)

matt and i meet every week with some other couples to share practices 
based on the teachings of jesus. 
(maybe i'll do a post about that sometime)
this month (and the next two) we are talking about peacemaking, service & justice, 
and we are starting with the peacemaking that's closest to home: in our personal relationships (spouse, children, family, friends.)
last week my friend kendra gave us each this mantra/prayer to repeat when we in exasperating moments and ready to explode or act out of frustration or anger.
let me tell you,
it's amazing how often one can need to repeat these words.
and when i say "one" i really just mean me.

can you imagine these darlings inciting anything but delight in me?

seems like crazytalk i know,
but it's true.
there's this gap between the mom i want to be and the mom i am.
a gap between the way i want them to act and the way i act myself.
so i am repeating this mantra:

be still in your heart.
speak and act with love.

want to join me?


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  3. definitely feeling this all week! I am with you


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