Wednesday, October 1, 2008

video on cochlear implants

this video may be too long to watch(i think the whole thing is a little under an hour), but it explains very well what happens with hearing loss and cochlear implants. there are also examples of what it sounds like to have hearing loss, as well as what cochlear implants hearers experience (as much as possible). i think it is helpful to hear, as it shows that having cochlear implants does not just turn on a switch to hear like a typical hearing person. the doctor, dr. blevins from stanford, is one of the surgeons we have met with in deciding on a cochlear implant team for little m. jan larkey, who also speaks, is an audiologist who we met with.

i highly recommend watching even 5 minutes of it if you'd like to learn more... it is good to have on in the background if you are doing stuff around the house-not necessary to watch it, except for some of the diagrams of the ears, etc which are helpful.

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