Friday, September 11, 2009

early autumn

last saturday we hung out with my sister rebecca & her husband mark! we went on a walk to the park near their house to play bocce ball and enjoy the evening before dinner. it was so relaxing to go frolic at the park, and felt very italian to go on a pre-dinner walk.

little m gets hitches a ride and gets a high five from uncle mark.
(little m's cousin, squirreled away in her aunt rebecca's belly until the end of october. )
so, we played bocce, but it seemed like matt somehow won every single round. 
i usually chalk bocce up to being one of those games that entails more luck than skill. 
or maybe i didn't do so hot. 
i kind of overthrew every single time - i just don't know my own strength i guess.
(or i'm just not that athletic..which is probably more accurate)
little m didn't quite understand the rules of the game, 
so she decided to play along by picking up the balls we threw.
in the end we decided to change the game 
that whomever's ball ended up closer to, or in the possession of, 
little m was the winner. 
(uh, i still didn't even come close to winning a single round)
little m & her cute aunt becca
little m sitting on top of her cousin
some downward down action in the midst of the bocce game
we moved on to play on the slide once matt won 78 consecutive rounds of bocce.

fun time sliding down and old school metal slide! 
uncle mark and aunt bec will be amazing parents. 
i think we should give them a few more babysitting times before october, 
just so they get some extra practice in. 
i love this park. 
it was the perfect early fall weekend jaunt!

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  1. just read through your last few posts. M is such a cherub. your musings on the frescoes and what they have reminded you of was very encouraging and well written, thanks for that!


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