Tuesday, September 1, 2009

first day of school

this morning, little m and i headed down to her first day of school!
little m put on her backpack & got ready to meet her new class.
and this....
is why she goes to this school. as she was getting ready to hop in the car, she heard an airplane flying over. she pointed to her ear ("i hear that!") and then pointed up to the sky...
til she spotted the plane flying high in the sky!
m is at this school because it teaches her how to listen in all sorts of contexts so that she will be able to go into a mainstream classroom in elementary school. it is pretty incredible to see the kids who have been there for a few years talking and listening. little m's class has 6 kids in it, but there are also two other classes of little itty bitty kiddos that are the same age. there are typical hearing kids, kids with implants, and kids with hearing aids in her class.
we started at morning music with the whole school - parents, teachers, aides, big kids, little kids and siblings - 
and then went down to our class with teacher sally and teacher matt.
ah, they have lots of energy and patience!
we also got to see little m's fabulous speech therapist sharon (who we met with last year too) who we will meet with every tuesday and thursday when we go to school.
we did lots of listening
lots of exploring indoors and outside
lots of snacking
little m made fast friends with kalia, who lives only a mile away from us!
i think it's a little frustrating for m to see so many books and toys, 
and not be able to play with everything all at once.
m spent a lot of time in the kitchen, mixing up imaginary treats in a cup using a spoon.
hmm. she must see us cooking up lots of recipes!
big girl soaked up all of the newness and the other kids.
i think there will be a lot of learning about sharing...
we stayed for almost an hour after class playing, catching up with friends, and getting some more energy out before plopping back in the car seat for the ride home.
it is pretty incredible to me how well m did today.
um, how do i have a child in school already?!? crazy.


  1. Oh my goodness- she has to be the cutest little kid starting school! I sometimes wish we had an oral school near us (the closest one is 2 hours away). Luckily our mainstream preschools are willing to work with us!

  2. So fun to watch her progress. Ethan started K in a private school and has never missed a beat. It won't be long and little M will be talking it up with all the kids. Precious pictures.

  3. how awesome that you have a program near you like that! I hope it's a great experience!

  4. I love it that you have this place. Love it.

  5. she is the CUTEST itsy bitsy thing.
    wow! what an exciting day.
    i love the listening to the airplane shots. it brings so much joy to know they are really hearing.

  6. As always, I LOVE all the pics, especially the airplane shots! What a great school and I can't wait to hear about all of little m's adventures there!

  7. first, love the little pink backpack - and the adorable first-day-of school dress! she's just precious. second, LOVE the pics of her pointing to the airplane and saying, "I hear that." that makes the SLP in me very joyful! and last, just loved reading about her awesome school and seeing what it's like. much love to you both. great job, mama!

  8. You captured such beautiful moments from today! I feel so lucky that Viv and I get to run into you and M at school - you are bright spots in bright days at JW!

  9. I LOVE HER! and her stylish clothes and barrette. yay for the first day of school! we love the RWC

  10. Hurray for little M's first day! I'm so glad you have this school for her; it looks like a wonderful place to learn and be in!

    How wonderful to have this little window into your life and to see that sweet, strong little girl grow and change!

  11. Thanks soooo much for sharing with us!! I can just imagine her loving all of it. I am still looking at planes and going up up up wheee in Ventura.

  12. I would love to hear more about her school! We live in Kansas... not sure we have anything like that here. Our daughter's activation is Sept 9.

    The school pictures are absolutely adorable!


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