Thursday, September 24, 2009

like mother, like daughter

when i was an itty bitty child, my mom would try to read to me, but i would reject her and just wanted to read books all by myself (even though i couldn't "read" yet). 

looks like little m is following in my headstrong footsteps at the tender age of 17 months. i try and try to woo her with my excellent narration skills, but she usually wants to read books by herself, no mommy involved. sigh. i think it is a bit disheartening to the grandmas too, as what grandma doesn't want to snuggle up for storytime?

exhibit a:
auntie nancy reads bedtime stories to micah and little m.
notice little m reading her own book while micah enjoys goodnight moon.
micah pauses to mug for the camera 
(check out that cuteness!)
m is momentarily distracted by auntie nancy and then goes back to doing her own thing.


  1. Asher too. No interest in me snuggling him and reading. He snatches the book and pushes me away.

    I guess it saves me time :)

  2. Grandma Pam will continue trying to read to her until she is................................18 years old!!

  3. i heart these photos.

    You go strong, independent girlie girl Monrovia. you don't need a man to read to you. oh wait-i don;t think that fits here.

  4. Aiden's right there with little m. Maybe it's the age?!? I'll start a book and he'll slam it shut, tell me "ah da" (all done) then sit down and flip through one on his own. Ok then. Thought I had pretty good narration skills myself ... guess not in his ears. ; )

  5. i frequently get distracted by nancy.


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