Wednesday, September 2, 2009


good things about september:
  • the following tv shows are on (and although i poach all shows from the internets since we don't own a tv, i am looking forward to some good viewing): glee, project runway (finally!), (catching up on) top chef masters, the office and greys anatomy (don't judge).
  • yummy bacon from the 1/4 of a pig we just got from a happy little pig farm in oregon
  • planning my sister's baby shower full of cuteness
  • finishing up the last 5 episodes of the wire
  • the daylight still stretches until 8 pm (but alas, not for long...)
  • it's still hot enough for iced coffee
  • i already feel responsible, which should last all month long, considering i got an oil change today. score one for me accomplishing important things!
  • the season for cute sweaters and boots is creeping up on us, maybe by the end of the month
  • our garden's tomatoes will finally be nice and ripe
  • remembering friends' fun weddings in years past as their anniversaries roll around!
  • looking forward to not sweating as i fall asleep, since we live in an oven


  1. u r going to love the wire...right up to the end

  2. R.I.P. The Wire

    If you need help grieving that particular loss, I'm here. It's still painful for me sometimes.

  3. i know !!! so fun! (but i think it's next wed the 9th)

  4. i think we should have a 'glee night' (circa 1993 ER nights - oh i forgot that in the college post!) and get together to watch!

  5. nice to know gay feeling about Grey's Anatomy TV Show. really it's a fantastic tv show of September. i love the way of revolution of Grey's Anatomy series.


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