Tuesday, September 29, 2009

showered with love

my sister rebecca and her husband mark are expecting a baby girl on october 30th, 
so i threw baby anderson a shower. 
{girls only}

just like i'd hoped, it was an absolutely beautiful afternoon, so we set up in the backyard!
outside means sidewalk chalk. 
(i heart sidewalk chalk)

setting up a few hours before. 
i found this fabric on etsy that i fell in love with, 
and i commissioned my mom to sew the amazing bunting that we hung all over the backyard.
 i am sort of obsessed with how gorgeous they turned out. 
i love love love them.
{great job, mom!}
i'm sure you'll be spotting these cuties at multiple festivities in future blog posts...
sweet raspberry lemonade
easy to make (although the straining of seeds=not so much fun) & oh-so-delicious
we made rebecca a book full of wisdom, encouragement and advice for her journey as a mama
hard at work writing bits of wisdom
i wanted to have photos from both rebecca & mark's 
infancy and childhood strung as another bunting. 
mark's mom uploaded photos from when mark was a little boy, 
and i got some slides of rebecca turned into prints. 
so cute!
perfect backdrop to our yummy eats.

our menu was eclectic, but i picked things i knew rebecca loved to eat
mmm. onion tarts.
(recipe to follow in another post)

now insert assorted shower games; after all, my sister loves games!
i gocco-ed little prizes for everyone, which i'll save for another post.
for dessert we had mini brownies, 
these adorable button cookies that i spotted on sweetamb's shop on etsy 
(so yummy and so cute- as soon as i saw them i had to have them for the shower! 
plus they are handmade in chicago, mark's home city. perfect!)
lemon curd ice cream cake.
delicious, my friends!
you can find the recipe on my friend hannah's blog.
(you can thank me for passing it along and hannah for concocting it)
culinary genius, 
and the best way to end the shower besides our beauty bar!

favors galore at the beauty bar: 
chocolate mints, tissues, candy necklaces, lip gloss and nail polish! 

i can't help it- 
this was my favorite part.
at the end, little m came out to visit the ladies

and her aunt rebecca
my sister, mama to be, & me

i think fun was had by all,
but by the end, 
little m was ready for the party to be over


  1. I see the decor is smashingly lovely...well done...I can't wait to see the gocco takeaways! coffee soon?

    word verification today is :crate...I like when it is an actual word!

  2. LOVE!

    also, the anna maria fabric is all over my house. i'm sort of obsessed (read: bedding, table cloth, baby stuff). glad to see etsy making a strong showing. you are so gifted miss missy.

  3. I have so much to say about the fabulous-ness of this party you created for your sister! Sigh.
    LOVING: the bunting (little makes me happier than bunting!), the beauty bar, that onion tart!, that people look so relaxed and happy and all the oh-so-very-Susannah touches like your gorgeous handwriting and sidewalk chalk. So special!

  4. PS missed you and M at school today!

  5. you have such an eye for style and flair and fun! your future niece says thank you for the shower, indeed!

  6. i want you to throw me a shower...!
    it looks like it was a lovely, lovely time...maybe the hard of this past year is ready for a tidal change. i hope so. lots of love.

  7. omg!!!!!!!!!!! if i ever have a child, you will throw my shower. unbelievable!!!

    ps. i am never having a child so use this time to nap.


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