Tuesday, January 11, 2011


i guess i wasn't back after all.

not sure why, just feels like i'm not sure where to start lately.

i come to write a post, and then erase it, or walk away, or save it as a draft.

and post nothing. well, you've probably noticed that.

it isn't as if i am putting pressure on myself to blog. i like blogging.
it isn't as if i have nothing to say...ask matt, i have plenty to say and then some.
it isn't as if i don't have any time. maybe not loads of it, but enough to visit this space more often than i have been.

so, who knows when i will get in the swing of things. i'd like to say today is the day, but i made that bold declaration last week and then nothing.

maybe i'll do an interview with myself. maybe i'll squeeze in 30 posts in the next 20 days. maybe i'll recap december. we'll see.

meanwhile, my two girls are upstairs nap boycotting and giving each other the giggles. ridiculous.

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  1. maybe take away the pressure of recapping December but instead start with today. just a thought.
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