Friday, January 14, 2011

birth day

me, in all my naked baby glory, mid 1975. 

if you've been around these parts for a while, you know that i love my birthday.
i thanked my mom last year for 35 and then for 34 rocked one of my favorite photos and oh, 

it's been a full year, and so hard to believe that a year ago there was no baby ruby snuggling in my arms. this morning i got one of the very best presents possible, 
one that seems completely normal now 
but that i never could have imagined when m was first diagnosed deaf:
as i sit on the couch blogging and drinking coffee,
m has been dancing around the house to the black eyed peas (on repeat) in a velvet and plaid dress,
(which apparently has become the dress she wears to celebrate birthdays, since she has worn it 3 times in the last week.)
she was asking to do something and matt said that i got to pick because it was my birthday, 
so i get to pick everything we do all day long.
he asked if she wanted to sing happy birthday to me. 
m sidled up to me and started to sing, first a little quietly but slowly gaining volume, "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to mommy."
as she sang,
i was getting teary thinking about how a year ago on my birthday she couldn't sing this song to me, 
and how two years ago i couldn't even picture what it would look like for her to dance to music, 
much less sing a song to me, 
since she couldn't even hear anything. 
at all.
she closed out her song the way they do at her school, with...
"how old are you?" 
i asked her to guess how old she thought i was. 
she squinched up her face in thought and said, "two?"
well, close enough.
and then she leaned over and gave me a hug and said, "happy birthday, mommy."

it is a happy birthday.
so much i am grateful for,
including you.
thank you.


  1. love you in your baby nakedness- and your awesome big sisterness

  2. hapee berfday two ewe!
    baby nakedness - they don't call it the birthday suit for nothin'

  3. MUCH love to you, my friend, on your birthday---and my anniversary!! God be with you!

  4. yay for birthday posts! are you one are you two?! also greatest birthday gift today includes matt not at jury duty and you getting to choose what to do with the day. free time or family time, how fun! happy birthday to one of my favorite people.

  5. love m's song- yes the best gift ever!!


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