Tuesday, January 25, 2011

some days

the story of my life:
two small humans either undoing any of the doing that i've just attempted
(i.e. cleaning disaster zone of a girls' room)
or physically attached to me at all times.

(p.s. i finally got that room clean, but it was no small miracle.) 


  1. oh my gosh i LOVE the photo of you and your girls. i want to cry. everything makes me cry. and love that my son's room looks identical to their room.

  2. yep. i hear that.
    but the disaster zone is never limited to the bedroom. sigh. (and also maybe a few tears, for good measure)

  3. Amy stole my line. I love love love that picture of you with girls. It is "real life" in a photo. And it captures their personalities.

  4. it is real life. in a sweet moment...not one of the moments i want to scream.

  5. The photo of you with Ruby and little M is so sweet! I'm still trying to figure out how to keep "hurricane Preschooler" from invading the rest of the house: the boys drag little Legos and leave a trail everywhere they go!


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