Wednesday, January 5, 2011

(happy new year)

...a bit late perhaps, but i haven't even written resolutions yet, so i figure wishes for a happy new year are still appropriate. i have missed this space.

first of all, my hands are freezing. i know that i life in warm and cozy california, but i am so freaking cold right now. (sidenote: the other day i had reached my limit of near infinite patience with little m and i said something like, "this room is so freaking messy!" she looked at me and repeated, "freaking? i do not know what 'freaking' means." how is it that i want to ship my daughter to mongolia one minute and then gobble up her cuteness the next? but i digress.)

second of all, hi.

i'm back.


  1. i'll believe it when i see it.
    and p.s. what does freaking mean?

  2. what is this posting once a week bit? photos are overrated. forget your camera and post your prose. otherwise, i'm going to have to move my sisters blog above yours for frequency of visits. i'm not freaking kidding.

  3. 'freaking' isn't even the worst, seeing as my 3yr old heard the REAL version on TV and asked out loud what that meant.... oh the joy of my husband watching TV on a Sunday midday


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