Monday, May 7, 2012

this is how we roll

a few glimpses from the past week 
(since as predicted i abandoned the photo a day project like 2 months ago. typical.)

it's been a pretty good week;
nothing exceptional, but lately i have been reminded to count my blessings,
and to take joy in the little moments. 

chickens growing up.
they are now teenagers: 
ugly, noisy, asleep at all hours, smelling up the entire house, and eating constantly.
(they head to the coop this week)
new rug for laundry room, thanks to home goods
on a friday visit to see matt's grandma, we also saw his aunt & uncle.
great aunt bev talking to m
alphabet dance party at school
sweetest ever moment between ruby & her 97 year old great-grandma
iced coffee (thanks, husband)
i came home to this great scene yesterday:
my three people eating snow cones on our front steps.
ruby & m walk the graden labryinth this morning in front of her preschool co-op
ruby destroys the room while i sort clothing and empty & refill drawers.
so not fun.
visiting great aunt bev's preschool means a trip to the playground
ruby gets her cool on
m painting at a birthday party
some days i feel like i watching myself 30 odd years ago
sunday morning snugglebugs
i went to first thursdays again,
and got some time to work on art before going to the galleries.
good for my soul.


  1. 1. I love M with her great grandma - so so sweet!
    2. I love how real and raw your life is. Seriously, messy kids rooms make me happy that people live real lives and it's not about perfect. In fact, perfection is messy kids rooms!

  2. That rooster is totally frontin' in that picture. He's like, "Get off deez, deez my girls"


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