Thursday, May 3, 2012

make believe

today i am pretending that this is me (well it is me) 
sitting at tomales bay
eating good food and laughing
 with the warm sunshine streaming down on me
and the earth beneath my feet
instead i am sitting in my children's room, 
sorting their clothes and swapping out to new sizes.
it takes 1200 years and is one of my least favorite activities.
i have been doing it for two hours, and i have have tons to go.
so instead, i pretend.


  1. oh, i love sorting...i'll help next time. many hands make light work!

    1. i will TOTALLY take you up on that, my friend.

  2. Yeah, we have to do a wardrobe purge here, too. Dresser drawers are overpacked, and we have to shove aside mounds of stuff that's too small in order to find something that fits. Fortunately we have a good hand-me-down flow in our community of friends.


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