Wednesday, May 23, 2012

birthday eve

tonight i said goodnight to my one year old for one last time-
my ruby will wake up (probably right around the time she was born in the mid sixes!) 
a two year old.

my little snuggler,
is going to be two.

i just realized that
two years ago tonight, when i was pretending i wasn't in labor, 
(who blogs when they are having contractions?!)
i forced matt to watch the season finale of grey's anatomy with me.
tonight, i watched this year's season finale of grey's anatomy with nancy & amy.

i guess some things never change: me watching totally unrealistic and shallow tv shows.
some things do: my girls are growing up!

my heart is going crunch a little bit tonight,
thinking about how quickly this little munchkin has become a toddler.
she's pretty great.

memo to everyone: yeah, i know, m is fantastic,
but my #2?
she's got spunk, spirit, personality & is kind of irrepressible.
she's pretty awesome.

i'm kind of sad there are no more babies in my house.

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