Tuesday, May 15, 2012

these are my people

(mother's day weekend was full and busy)

grateful for all of the mamas, motherly figures, and mommys-to-be in my world.

matt spoiled me with gifts that remind me how very well he knows me, 
like a paper doll book i had as a child, so i could share it with my girls, 
some of my favorite treats, 
a trip to the most amazing succulent store in san francisco, 
a haircut, an afternoon to myself, and other thoughtful gestures.

late on sunday afternoon, we went to lake merritt and played.
some of my very favorite moments in the whole weekend, 
even though all we did was hang out on the grass.
i love being a mama.
i love these girls.
i love that every day holds something new & unknown.
it is bittersweet watching these little humans grow up. 
i want to squeeze all of the wonderful out of every day 
but then that means a new day comes and faster than you would think, 
that stage has passed and these little ones are just a bit bigger.
(don't get me wrong- some days i am more than ready for a new day to dawn)

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  1. looking through the pictures in this post make me so unbelievably happy...and makes me miss you something fierce. august, baby, august. that is how long it is 'til we get to hang out on a lawn together. xo


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