Friday, May 25, 2012

friday i'm in love

no, this post isn't about the cure. (but is that song in your head now?)

today we went to santa cruz. this is how it went: matt and I got into a tiff as we were getting ready to go. I gave him the silent treatment for an hour on our drive. then i said, "let's be temporary friends but I am still 10% mad at you." and then, truce in place we had a great day at a favorite coffee shop, at the beach, with our friends, visiting great grandma, at a random park. and look at that, we're fine. marriage is funny like that. it was a dumb fight anyway.

also, i love my little family.

the end.
happy weekend!


  1. yes, marriage is funny like that. i am glad to hear you like to hang on to a little bit of the mad too...

  2. So, does Matt know that he is getting the silent treatment because you dress up like Greta Garbo?


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