Monday, September 30, 2013

this much i know

my friend's dad passed away on sunday very unexpectedly, and I can't stop thinking about her and her family. her daughter is here this afternoon, playing with my girls. she's grieving the loss of her amazing grandpa and has needed some lap time when he eyes "are watering" as she says.

i feel like all i have learned about grief is this- 
to shut my
to listen,
to cry,
to sit in the sad place with whoever is sad. 
when in life I have been in the darkest moments, the friends who have just sat with me, listened, cried, and mourned my loss as their own have been the ones who have offered the most comfort. 
to know that what you are grieving is real and that others grieve with you,
without the right words or pat answers?
it is a gift.

so sad with my friend as she processes the passing of her dad, 
and as she grieves as a daughter, mom, wife, sister and friend.

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