Monday, September 9, 2013

sporty spice firsts

perhaps going in the category of "against better parental judgement":

after a long week of kindergarten for m and a first week of preschool for ruby and a friday afternoon play date for the girls and a meeting with the principal for us...we took the girls to their first a's game! they were crazy exhausted but determined to go (matt had raved about ball game snacks and what is a bigger motivator than treats?!?), so we suited up in green and yellow and headed to the game! 

we got there an hour early and the stands were almost empty. for those of you who know my dad and realize he took me to phillies games all growing up , it won't surprise you that this was probably the first time in my life that i got to a game before the start time. 

it was a glorious night with perfect weather- just right for a little night of nachos and baseball!
ruby concentrating on the field, rocking a's gear.
they lasted two whole innings, and fought to stay longer, but those two munchkins were wiped out. ruby fell asleep on our five minute drive home all the while protesting that she was NOT tired! 

smiles courtesy of the nachos, hotdog, pretzel, fries and peanuts these monkeys consumed in yes, just two innings:
on saturday m and I went to her new school picnic and after a few hours of creek walking, monkey bar-ing, water balloon tossing and playground-ing on a very hot day, she relaxed with some new friends and a treat from the ice cream man!

yesterday afternoon m started her first soccer team - in pink shorts of course! one sweaty hour later she posed triumphantly. 
new sporty weekend vocabulary for my kids: tailgating, the singing of the national anthem, cleats and shin guards!

how old were your kids when they started playing organized sports? do you let them pick their sport of choice? or choose for them? what do you say if they want to give up? 

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