Friday, September 27, 2013

hooray for friday!

it's friday, but my weekend is going to include a lot of work, so i will be besties with these:

plus a neighborhood walk against violence in oakland, bike mania morning at m's school, not one birthday party but two, a baby shower, church, and m's rogue soccer practice/game. busy, busy!

hope your weekend holds goodness, laughter and at least one adventure!

(also, thanks for your cleaning tips/expectations that have been rolling in via comment and even text, some of them i already do or aspire to. i should add that my girls do have to do certain tasks around the house, but it's helpful to hear from others what they expect so that i have a gauge on what's too lax or too strict/unrealistic.)

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  1. did you get new paints...which is your fav? did you get my email?


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