Tuesday, September 24, 2013

work, the night shift

tuesdays i paint in my studio while the girls are at school,
(a little detail of what i worked on today)

but i don't touch my freelance work. 
(at least i try not to!) 
once my darlings are tucked into bed i come back down and work on any deadlines. 
right now i have a ton to do, so i am sitting here 
in the hopes of knocking out some work and also getting a smidge of sleep in a few hours.

oh, and i'm working on holiday cards so i'm listening to christmas music. 
not my fave, my friends. 
but taking it for the team in the hopes of getting some inspiration via the holiday tunes. 
so far the music is bearable, 
but i probably won't be racing to crank up the carols the day after thanksgiving. 
(yes, i know I'm in the minority on this one.)

Ok, enough procrastinating! back to work!

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