Wednesday, September 25, 2013


for a while there, instagram killed my blog.
so easy and fast to post pictures of life
(and to make them pretty.)

but usually they stay right here.
on my phone screen.
or maybe if i'm lucky,
on my computer screen.
so i decided to print some of them,
so i could have actual real prints of these little moments that make up my life.
each print is 4 inches by 4 inches,
and it kind of takes me back to the size of prints 
from when i had a little point and shoot camera in middle school.
i got them printed through my phone's kicksend app at walgreens, so it was almost 40 cents a picture.
i'm sure there are cheaper ways to print them, but this was pretty convenient.
the only downside is that i couldn't print older pictures that i had deleted from my phone
(but that were stored on my computer).
not sure exactly why i could print them through my phone
but not from my computer to walgreens, but if i print more i'd try to figure that out.

i made markings with painters tape to level the pictures.
then i got some double sided tape, and ran two long strips of the double sided tape from the left to right where the top and bottom of each row of pictures would go.

it was so easy to line them up and stick them on the wall!

here's the wall so far:

i love how these are starting to look like wallpaper!
they make me so happy, and my girls love looking at the pictures.
i have more pictures printed out,
and my vision was to go floor to ceiling, but not sure...

also, i now want to wallpaper every room of my house with these.
(so i might need an intervention at some point)


  1. it's perfect!!! love. i'll be needing an intervention soon - my ig pics are in just about every corner of our teeny tiny house - i enjoy how yours are consolidated to one spot and lined up so perfectly so they make an individual and collective statement. bravo!

  2. love it! try emailing the old pics on your computer to yourself. then open them up on your phone and save them to you camera roll. I think that should work.

  3. that's awesome! in our house, floor to ceiling pictures would definitely get removed and eaten by our youngest. :)

  4. i am totally digging your photo wall. this has been a rockstar month for you...! love me


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