Monday, June 16, 2014

hooray for vacay

the last few months have felt fast and furious, racing from one thing to the next. we are involved in multiple communities and many relationships - all of which we are beyond grateful for, but these also mean a lot of commitments. my girls are so used to having people over to our house, either to spend the night, or for a meal, friends they know well, as well as complete strangers to them, that if a few days pass without someone at our home, they demand that we invite someone over: for a playdate, for dinner, to spend the night. i'm not complaining about our family's life pace. there are seasons to life, and this is a busy one. and our schedule fits both matt and my personalities and preferences, so i doubt we would change anything about it. 

that said, i am worn out. so hooray for TWO whole weeks of vacation that started yesterday! instead of a leisurely father's day, after church we packed up (our time of departure was supposed to be 12. instead it was closer to 3 pm. shocking, i know!) we drove a few hours down the california coast to morro bay for the week. we've spent the morning doing things that are good and lazy and vacation-y: matt took the girls early so i could sleep in; while they were gone going to the beach, getting breakfast and going to the playground, i lazed in bed and then worked out. then we "watched" the world cup (in reality matt was glued to the game while i nursed three cups of coffee, and the girls did puzzles, drew, and worked on activity workbooks.) so mellow, so wonderful. so good for my soul to just hang out with my favorite people with no other obligations! 

my goals for vacation: play, workout, blog, read, cook, and play some more! 

and meanwhile back at home, our friends who lived with us for awhile last year are housesitting for us and enjoying a peaceful empty home to play and relax in! they currently stay with family, so us being gone means they can just hang out without anyone else around. win-win!

happy monday!

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