Tuesday, June 24, 2014

vacay week recap plus a question!

last week we had a wonderful time away in morro bay. it was the perfect vacation for our family, and exactly what we needed. when we are at home our lives are so, so full with different obligations and relationships: preschool co-op (which is LOTS of work), monrovia's school, church, old friends, neighborhood work, our intentional community, family, staying connected to friends from deaf school... we have a lot going on. 

sometimes we vacation with others, sometimes (more rarely) alone as a family. i've decided that having at least a few days together with just the four of us is my favorite- it's just the respite we need after going, going, going week after week. last week was just right for where i was at: feeling weary, tired from our schedule, wanting to be present and not racing around, a little beat up emotionally. 

(probably too many pictures follow but you can just scroll on down past them for more words, or go slowly and enjoy the scenery and my cute offspring)

once we made the drive down, during which (miraculously) the ratio to happy as can be moments to fighting or quarreling moments was a lot to a little...
we got to our destination! morro bay. 
if i was awesome, and spent a few minutes photoshopping out that inconvenient white car growing out of my daughter's shoulder, this would be an awesome picture. 
just pretend it isn't there, and that my children are one with nature.
in this case, a really big rock.
we were so, so lucky that the home we stayed at was generously shared with us for the week. it was such a peaceful space.
and extra needed since our tax bill this year wiped out a big ole chunk of change 
(and then some!)
this is what our days looked like:

matt up early to surf + beach + working out + biking neighborhood + family walks + "school" time for the girls + drawing + happy hour + world cup watching + blogging for me + naps (holy two hour naps every day for my girls!) + morro bay exploring + a movie or mad men episode after the girls went down to sleep + hanging out + reading.

yep, that pretty much covers every day!
same stuff + different days = perfect.

newsflash: ruby can ride a bike! 
i'd like to take a brief moment to dwell on the fact that this momma taught both girls to bike on the annual preschool camping trip!
monrovia learned last year and ruby this year!
yay for me, but really yay for them.

beach time 
 it was windy and cold, y'all
 i love this moment of my girl playing in the water


being cool in the car
art time
plus school time every day
 more beach time
 4 year old fashion
 i got some great solo beach walks in
 more surfing

 tiny treasures
 neighborhood discovery walks
 learning how to play uno!
 holy awesome succulents, morro bay
 we found some good playgrounds,
because you know, we have kids and all.
 the girls shared a bed and we slept in the room right next to them.
basically they got to snuggle all the time. 
can you tell how miserable they were?
oh, that's gigi in the middle.
 my girls made a library to check out books
ice cream run! 
yes, we are the best parents ever.
 happy hour on the balcony for matt & me!
that would be a negroni, my friends.
 lots of family reading times
 exploring the downtown shops +
i loved this spot with so many cool succulents!
um, maybe i already own most of these varieties though...
i have an issue.
 we made the drive to matt's all time favorite steak spot: jocko's.
it's super old school, and amazing.
happy girls on teh ebach
we had so much time to play
 and hang
it was perfect.

i've realized what feels like vacation to me: no schedule, working out every day, blogging, reading, slow meals, and little daily adventures whether that is a walk or somewhere more amazing like the beach. not having to rush, not having to check off a big list. 

one thing that helps our family is that as we drive to our destination we write down a list of what expectations we all have for the week. yes, even our girls add to the list! this might seem counter to what i just said about not liking obligations or checking off a list. but this feels different to me - it's verbalizing and knowing what feels good to each of us for that time away. we might not get to do it all, but at least then we can honor what is life giving or fun for the whole family; the vacation isn't then driven by one personalities preference, and we can figure out the time and space to make different expectations happen throughout the time. 

i'm curious what makes a vacation feel good to you? what things are restful or special or fill in the blank for you or for your family? do you find that you and your partner vacation differently? (that's a topic for another time, but believe you me, over the years we have definitely had moments of not being on the same vacation page!) talk to me, people.

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