Friday, June 20, 2014

let it go, let it go!

maybe your children are like mine, and they belt out songs from frozen all the live long day!

of course, back when we first found out that m was deaf, one of the things i grieved the most was her not being able to hear music, and not being able to sing or know the joy of music. i had no idea just how verbal my deaf child would become- and how many times i would tell her to stop talking or singing, to quiet down and to use her indoor voice. people, my child is so, so nonstop with the talk-fest. even for me, it's easy to forget how incredibly miraculous it is that m can sing and talk and listen, and that she is also profoundly deaf.

maybe you know our family, and m's deafness and singing/talking/shouting/story telling is very normal, just as it is for us. but maybe you just found out your child or baby is deaf and you've decided that you want to pursue cochlear implants, and you wonder what life will look like down the road. if that's the case (or you don't have a deaf kiddo but you think my kid is awesome and you just want to hear m's version of let it go) then press play for one minute and nine seconds of the miraculous yet mundane.

(sidenote: if you are trying to learn the words of the song do not memorize this very incorrect, but very 6 year old version. oh believe me- i have tried to tell m what the right lyrics are, but of course i am wrong because i don't know anything about frozen. even though i have heard this song about 6,459 times in the past 6 months.)

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