Thursday, June 5, 2014

i'm here.

you ever have those seasons where it seems like it's just one thing after another?
where you get through one jam packed week that leaves you emotionally and physically exhausted and then it's on to the next, that brings its own series of junk that wears you down?

i swear i am one four year old's temper tantrum away from a mental breakdown and then ten minutes later i think she's just the sweetest funniest kid ever.

gotta love it.

so, some points of joy:

our backyard. the grass! the benches! the fun yellow faux tolix chairs!
my daughters singing frozen songs in unison in the backseat of the car
our generous friends andrea and nate letting us use their car indefinitely since mine just died
crazy hair day at m's school
our new-to-us awesome couch from our dear friend richard
studio time
going to sleep at the same time as matt
my mom's molasses cookies
coffee made for me every morning when i wake up (thanks, husband)
backyard dance parties with best friends
watching season finales
snuggling with my little ruby girl
beginning and finishing a novel in a few days
kindergarten conversations
my nephew's smile

grateful for a new day every time that sun rises


  1. great list!

  2. Ooh, bathe in those points of joy!!!!

  3. Ah ha! I was wondering why I had seen you driving Andrea's car. Your car died?


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