Thursday, June 12, 2014

on the last day of kindergarten

do you remember this day?
it was, oh, about 180 schooldays ago. 

somehow we have arrived at the last day of kindergarten!

it's been an exhausting month, and so in many ways i'm happy the end of school is here. 
i'm ready to hunker down and hang with my people.
but i have loved the kids in m's class; such a bunch of sweet, sassy, funny, energetic personalities! i love volunteering with them on thursday mornings, and then other times in the week when i have a little chunk of time to drop in and help. i am sad that being with these littles every week is over, since of course who is in her class will shift some next year. as we drove to school this morning i thought about how a day will come (way too soon) that she won't want me to walk her to class. she'll just want me to drop her off and drive off. (ouch!)

there has been so much good, as well as a healthy dose of not-my-favorite and we-need-to-figure-this-out, this year. my daughter is growing up and learning and evolving. i know that's how things are supposed to go, but that doesn't change the fact that my heart goes crunch when i think about this girl heading into first grade.

woohoo for a year that we finished well! that brought lots of adventures into these 23 cuties' lives!
onward, upward!
and now excuse me while i cry into my coffee that my baby is basically an adult.

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  1. What a gift to have had a weekly "spot" with m and her classmates! Hunker down, lean in, and store up for what comes next. Enjoy!!


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