Sunday, August 30, 2009

bye bye beach

goodbye afternoons on the beach
sharing a day in the sun
putting our toes down into the sand
splashing in the water
tasting salt on my lips
walking for miles in the early morning
watching surfers catch waves
lazing around & taking lots of naps
eating good breakfast burritos
people watching
goodbye to spending a good week with great friends
(obviously the younger set does not pose for photos)
goodbye view from my window, palm trees and all
goodbye to little m charging into the water, fearless & joyful
goodbye to the sound of waves crashing
& the feel of wet sand under my feet
goodbye to the joy of a day with no schedule & no list of to do's

hopefully we can preserve some of the rest of being away 
in a beautiful place with friends we love
(goodbye summer)


  1. Oh man, sounds/looks like such a magical time! How wonderful to rest with faith family...I am secretly glad that I get you now though!

  2. ah. How about a hello/coffee time this week or next?

  3. good bye noises everywhere. oh wait--wrong book. this post reminded me of "good night moon." i am sleepy now.


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