Monday, October 12, 2009

i love this picture, even though it is so blurry and out of focus. 
this is me, with my most favorite person in the world.
(little m is my second most favorite person)

i love it because at the moment this photo was taken we were sitting with good friends, 
talking & laughing about who knows what, maybe even disagreeing, but completely at ease with each other.

today, october 12th, is our anniversary. 7 years ago we made vows to each other to love each other in the good and the hard and the in-between. so many friends and family surrounded us and promised to be a part of our community as we entered into marriage. it was a pretty amazing beginning.

this photo reminds me of the moments that i most cherish with my husband, sharing this journey of life together. our story is much longer than the past 7 years that we have been married, but i can't really remember anymore what it is like not to spend my days with him. 

i can be quite a handful, and for all of my quirks, he loves me. at the end of the day i know that my heart is his completely. (also, he is quite a handful himself, and i think most days i make him a much better person, so we are a good match.)

this has been the hardest year of my life, and yet as i think back over the year, i think our marriage has grown in depth & richness & love. 

i can't wait for another year.
i can't wait for another 40 years, until we are white-haired and wrinkly and worn, sitting next to each other, laughing.


  1. Happy Anniversary! And a beautiful tribute to Matt and to marriage. Enjoy the next 40 years together and more!

  2. happy anniversary! cheers and blessings.

  3. Happy anniversary friend! i wore a red dress, did some dishes and hung out with steve stu in memory of your wedding day.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you at least 40 more. Thinking of you all with love!

  5. you two are very lucky, very lucky indeed

  6. Happy, happy M+S. Hope your adventures were fun and food filled!

  7. I remember it like yesterday as we lived together both of us preparing to be married in a few weeks. Happy 7th anniversary to you two and us. Oh how life has changed since Benevides. :)

    And Amy N - your comment below made me laugh out loud..."doing dishes" seriously are hilarious. I made a big pot of coffee with Alyssa in memory of your day too.

  8. Wow- 7 years already?! Congratulations and I too enjoyed your tribute. I ate Indian food in honor of you; OK, well actually I just added some curry seasoning. Does that count? :) (BTW, I still have the cute red dress and am hoping to one day fit in it again. *Sigh*)

  9. it's going to take me 100 days to read everything i've been missing, but i am going to do it ;)

    love you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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