Monday, October 19, 2009


i've loved u2 since i was 11 years old.
back in the day...
the first tapes i owned were u2, 
passed along to me by a twentysomething who thought i'd like them, 
and the first tape i bought in a store was u2.

it may seem silly, since a billion people like u2,
but i don't really care.
i know they aren't cool, like the super indie or punk bands my husband likes.
but still,
i love them.
and i love them live in concert.
and i never miss a tour,
until now.

they aren't coming to northern california, 
so as of last night at 9 pm, 
i hatched a crazy plan...
i found a single ticket on craigslist in arizona.
i enlisted a friend who lives in arizona to pick it up for me today.
my brothers and i are driving to arizona
11 hours
to get in line 
first thing
to wait
and then to race in to the stadium
as soon as the gates open
to get all the way up close to the stage
with general admission tickets.
after the concert,
we'll drive home.
i feel a little crazy.
i'm so excited.
bono, larry, edge & adam: 
look for me, i'll be the one singing along to every song
(i know, along with 50,000 other people), 
happy as can be.


  1. omg I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!

    *clarification of what "this" means *

    i also grew up listening to U2, and i'm older than you so eat it. a few weeks ago, at the airport in london, they were playing "gloria". i got giddy and looked at anna & said "baby - listen to this song! so amazing!" and she said, "who is this?" i looked at her & replied what i thought was obvi. she stared at me like i had 3 heads and didn't believe me.

    all of that to say, i loved the U2 of the "gloria" days. since then, they have become a bit like the eiffel old monument that was incredibly beautiful in it's original state, but now looks a bit silly with a jumbo tv screen, a restaurant in the middle, and huge neon lights that make it appear cheesy & gross.

    so i love that you are going on this trip and having fun in a crazy and spontaneous way! be safe & sing along to "sunday bloody sunday" for me! and tell bono to lose the glasses.

  2. who says having a kid makes you old...this reminds me of benevides days with the fun mirror thaty would rally us to make all night drives down to LA for you to visit your love...and i'd have to hang out with brian or whoever was leftover while you and matt had alone time. tell bono i'll see him in heaven

  3. you are so freaking cool for going to U2 in arizona. fun mirror is smiling on you.

  4. you are wild and crazy! love it! hey are you going to the seminar at the JW on Sat?

  5. you are so freaking cool!! be safe. give an extra kiss to them from me.

  6. Nice. I've known a few friends who have gone to see the show in Chicago, Dallas, and elsewhere because they couldn't see them here. Good memories.

    And hopefully you and your brothers got to see or hear the Phillies beat the Dodgers last night.

  7. one of the best moments of my life was standing in the front row at my very first (of many) U2 concert.

    i am (obviously) jealous.

  8. I want to be crazy like this. I loved this. Who is not a U2 fan? I am, always will be. Thanks for a sneakpeak into your craziness. So jealous.


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