Friday, October 9, 2009

happy friday!

life has been a little messy around here- 
juggling little m's school, 
her apparent nap strike, 
multiple freelance projects for papyrus, 
matt out of town this week, 
my sister-in-law's wedding,
and about 28 loads of laundry (washed but not folded).

the blog has taken the hit.
but i have some posts up my sleeves
so more very very soon
(especially as soon as i finish this deadline for papyrus!)
besos, and happy friday!


  1. Based on that first picture, it looks like that little mad scientist has been spiking on chocolate to stay awake. Whether world domination is her fiendish plan or just driving her mommy to drink because of the lack of sleep, I don't know. Mwa-hahaha!

  2. ha, nice, scooter. actually, it's black beans and cottage cheese...she's reverting to her earliest days when she went on sleep strikes all the time.


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