Thursday, October 1, 2009


i, queen of sharing the hard, 
need to share the good when it's time for good news...
here i am with my cute mom
(look how joyful she looks.
despite this year of hard 
she smiles a lot more than she used to)
here is my mom hanging out with little m and my surrogate mom, shelly, 
who i like to call mamabear #2, and who is little m's grandma shelly.
(you can never have too many grandma's i say) 
here is where my mom used to live when she was married to my dad.
up until last october 16th.

you may remember that working on this house 
to get it onto the lousy real estate market was our life for 2 solid months.
you may remember that it seemed like it would be a miracle to get it sold, 
but that it would mean freedom for my mom 
from the huge mortgage &
from continued financial entanglement with my dad.

after a super long escrow, 
(as in 100 days long,
as in i thought it could fall through at any time,
so i've kept my mouth shut until now)
this house finally sold.

it is such wonderful, glorious news
and the money is sitting in my mom's lawyer's office,
waiting for all of the divorce proceeding to be finalized so everything can be divided up.

divorce is not a good thing.
broken families are not a thing to be celebrated.
i wish the last year of our life had held another narrative,
but alas, this is now a part of my family's story.

but for this good news 
i am so, so grateful.


  1. blessings to you and your family and for the continued journey ahead.

  2. Just thinking about you and this the other glad to know this good! news! has lightened your loads a bit.

    And I LOVE that photo of you and your mom.

  3. is it really over? hard to even feel it, we need to celebrate

  4. great picture of you and aunt c! so glad to hear the good news on the house front. wish ca. was not on the opposite side of the continent from us.

  5. The picture of you and your mom brought tears to my eyes. It is really good to see the two of you the exact same moment in time.

    Red wine is definitely in order. When should we open a bottle with you? :)


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