Thursday, October 29, 2009

friends + art + blogging

i've been a very lazy blogger.

i was chastised tonight, and well, it's true. 
i thought i'd blog a lot this week because matt's mom is here this week.
grandma pam time means more studio and susannah time for me 
while little m frolics with her grandma.
alas, this week ended up being a bit crazy.
so not as much painting as i wanted.
not as much blogging.

(an old painting, that i just stumbled upon in my studio storage. 
it's big- like, oh, about the size of a bed.)

but one of the treats this week is that a friend that i have made 
(via the world of blogging & thanks to molly in utah) 
came to visit me in my studio!
it was such a treat, and as usual, we had a great time connecting.
among the many things i enjoy talking about with nicole is that 
she is a few years ahead of me in the journey of parenting a deaf child: 
her 6 year daughter is also deaf and has a cochlear implant.

since nicole is also a blogger, she ever so kindly documented her visit to my space!
we talked, looked at art- the greeting card kind and the on canvas kind, drank coffee, and enjoyed uninterrupted conversation minus our kids.
if you want a peek into her visit, go here...
(and you should read her blog anyway, because it is just great)

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  1. um...there is a huge space in our apt. screaming your name!!!!!!!!!!! can i have some studio time with you please?



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