Monday, October 26, 2009


i am working away this morning, so a longer blog post will have to wait until later in the day...but here is a tease- a picture of my brothers and i, in the FRONT ROW at the u2 concert last week in arizona. this is around midnight, as the stadium was clearing out, but you can tell we are all aglow, with post-concert smiles. 


  1. Can we have an all out barrage of an amazing blog entry for this Gig. It was monumental. I need Adjectives galore when describing this awesome day/night. I await the awesomeness of your typing!

  2. I'm eager to hear the full story! On another topic, have you started M on finger paint yet? Any recommendations for brands or recipes? I just got the Crayola stuff at the store, but it's a little sticky and glazy and I'm thinking of trying something else. Having seen the results of M's experimentations with berry juice as body paint, I'm sure she's going to be a natural!

  3. thanks for a fun time today...I am pimping you tomorrow...stay tuned.


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