Wednesday, December 23, 2009

best of 2009...athletic feats

{every day from now until december 31st i will be including a "best of 2009" post, with lists & thoughts galore about my favorites and best ofs the past year. check back in and feel free to share your related best of 2009 in the comments, or suggest a best of topic!}

today's topic: athletic feats

unaware that she is already a yoga expert,
little m masters the plank pose at the tender age of 8 months.
well done, little one!

(impressive, since i can't even rock a plank pose that nice.)
technically this was a few days before the calender turned to 2009,
but it was in the last year (and i can bend the rules, right?)

note, this list is comprised of one, and only one feat.
as in, i have personally accomplished zilch when it comes to athletic endeavors this year.


  1. the biggest athletic feat i've ever accomplished is birth...and that happened in november of 2008. not even 2009. so really it doesn't count. here's to recovery of my body in 2009! ps you were hilariously on fire on the comments on my blog. amycot out.

  2. um. i can help you fix this for 2010 :)


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