Monday, December 7, 2009

one o'clock in the morning

it's late at night.
i'm exhausted but can't sleep.
a dear one just told me the sad news of an unraveling relationship.
it makes me ache for the brokenness and frailty in human interactions.
it's raining outside -
i can hear it hitting the ground and at this very moment it feels like God is weeping for all of the ways the world is broken, hurt and messed up.
i'll finally fall asleep.
the rain will eventually stop.
light will come in the morning.
but at this very moment i am a little weary and more than a little grieving.


  1. this is a really beautiful image...put it on a card!

  2. sad that you're sad.

    neat imagine of God "weeping" along with you. He cares for your dears one, along with you, too.



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