Wednesday, December 2, 2009

{sneak peek}

i am working away on a couple of projects, with no time for much else besides the daily routine. the downside is that i have no time to work in my studio on anything besides freelance, so those paintings i have been working on will just have to marinate without me a little longer.

{here's a sneak peek at a couple of the rough draft images i am working on...
soon they will have some sort of text too...}
i kind of love this one, but it needs a little something...can't put my finger on it...thoughts?
this one is awaiting some text and maybe some touchup...

i sort of love peonies, so i had to figure out how to inject one into one of these images. 
now for the text and a few final touches...
ok, back to work!
have a great wednesday!


  1. I think your artwork is so beautiful!

  2. I love them all! Okay, here's my totally unprofessional and probably worthless take on the "dream" one: It might need a little something to ground it on the left side of the text. On the right side, there's the period, plus the underline is a little more definitive, plus there's a slightly dramatic touch of red in the lower right corner, all of which add a little weight and groundedness. By contrast, the region to the left of the text seems a bit wispier, dreamier (which might be appropriate!), which makes things feel a wee bit unbalanced. Maybe you could either restore that balance, or exploit the asymetry in some fruitful way. Enjoy your work!

    Hmmm -- my verification word is "bicalmi", which seems oddly appropriate!

  3. looking good...i love peonies!

  4. what happened to the chair one? did you scratch it? i love the dream one- the top detail is lovely.

  5. i think what it needs is my name and address...and a stamp

  6. ooooo, i love sneak peeks! i am loving the dream one - i can't get enough of robin's egg blue with red these days. and peonies...well, peonies are my happy place, and i love that you painted one.

    sigh. loving your gorgeous work, s.

  7. Papyrus? Seriously? That's amazing!! And I loved your comment on my blog... my daughter is just 5 weeks old but I love snuggling with her in the morning when my husband leaves for work. I feed her and then we cuddle until she starts making those little coo noises and I know she wants to get up:) I'm happy to have discovered your blog!

  8. gold trimming on the dream card.... just saying


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