Wednesday, December 9, 2009

oh dear

{note: i know loads of bloggers write little letters as posts, so i am not claiming an ounce of originality in this one, but i was just feeling it}

dear house,
could you miraculously generate some insulation so that we can stop wearing like 18 layers of clothing twenty four hours a day? i think my new nickname could be chilly willy.

dear heater,
if house doesn't respond to above request could you actually become efficient and keep our tiny house warm?

dear little m,
please stop growing up so fast. i just love watching you discover the world, but you are full on tumbling into childhood and i think my baby is gone forever. please also rejecting your nap. you kind of need it. (and so do i.)

dear body,
first, i am sorry i haven't actually been exercising lately. it would do wonders, i know. i haven't meant to neglect you - i am just so so tired & it is so cold outside & i have way mre excuses than time for you. also, could you stop deciding that it is really fun to wake up at all hours? i'm really not into this tossing and turning for 2-3 hours every night.

dear matt,
um, sorry about that 2-3 hours of tossing and turning that i just mentioned. thanks for loving me even when i drastically cut into your sleep schedule. also, you are a very good daddy to little m, and i'm so thankful for all of the extra time you've been playing with her so that i can meet my freelance deadlines.

p.s. matt, that dinner last night was amazing- roasted cauliflower and homemade meatballs. too bad i didn't have room for the salad. the meatballs took over that section of my tummy. oops!

dear hair,
we need to figure out a new plan. this whole shaggy-growing-out-since-february look is not too becoming.

dear christmas treats in the kitchen,
stop calling my name.

dear shady real estate agent,
uh, you are very sneakypants. i don't appreciate the fact that you just ruined the offer that we put on that house with your complete lack of anything resembling professional and ethical behavior. i am very sad and i think you are lame.

dear brother,
i know life is really hard right now. i love you.

dear christine,
little alex's surgery is going to go great! be at peace and snuggle that little boy up!

dear studio,
i'm sorry that i've been so slammed with deadlines. i will return with a painting vengeance - i promise.

dear sufjan stevens,
i may not like christmas music (unlike 95% of the population), but i adore your christmas album. i could play it on repeat for days. oh wait. i do play it on repeat for days!



  1. dear sooz, i don't care if others write little notes, i like yours better.

    dear snarkey real estate agent, listen AMIGO, you are shady and i'm reporting you to the authorities.

    dear people who are reading these comments and not adding their should, it's fun

  2. dear amy, you are hilarious. by the way, i like that your son uses his nativity's baby jesus as a chew toy. take this bread...

    also, i should have added, dear glee, april?!? really?! LAME. just like your deaf jokes two weeks ago.

  3. dear susannah, you are funny. and i like that we continue the competition of who is the funniest from benevides.

    dear benevides, thank you for not sliding down the hill all those years we lived there. please give the rats our love.

    dear benevides neighbors, sorry we had no idea what pride you took in your homes. what did we know, we were single ladies who didn't have time for gardening or painting...just costume parties

    dear blogger, can someone please pay me to be a professional commentor so i can stay at home with my kid

    dear life, please give the ruffs a break

  4. Dear Sooz,
    I like this post. I like every single letter. Especially the Sufjan Stevens one. I like you too.

  5. dear susannah, i LOVE your blog and little m. both make me grin cheek to cheek!

  6. yes, i love that sufjan albulm...seems like there are endless songs on it. I like the aimee mann one too. BTW somehow my tummy never has room for the salad either...especialy when meat and califlower are involved...

  7. Dear Sooz...I love the little m and your writings! and you also hooked me up to Sufjan..! I listen to it the WHOLE day...

    Dear Santa claus...the list is on the TREE...can you make my christmas please?

    dear neighbours..please decorate properly..your lights decided to strangle me today!

  8. dear amy: RATS? really? HELLO! i slept in your enormous room that could easily sleep 20, for over a month!...a head's up would have been nice.

    dear sooz: you make me laugh more than anyone i know (don't let amy see this).

    dear sooz's body: get ready to heart yourself cuz lydia is on the job. we'll call it my christmas gift to her since i can afford nothing else but lint and perhaps 1 shoe...since i gave the other shoe to someone else.



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