Thursday, December 10, 2009


one of my favorite christmas traditions is baking day with my roommates!
it started many years ago when we were actually roommates and shared a house; now we are just roommates as defined in the first paragraph of this post. every year amy, nancy and i drive down to amy's parents house, descend on mommy marsh's kitchen and bake treats all day long. how can you go wrong with sugary goodness, hours to talk and fun friends? seriously, it is impossible. (unless you don't set the timer, and even then you can hide the flaws with frosting!)

this year, due to little ones, we stayed in oakland and mommy and daddy marsh came to us! we baked the usual deliciousness, sampled a few along the way, and ended up with plenty of goodies to share with friends, co-workers and neighbors.
{mommy marsh, aka the holder of all the best christmas recipes}
{daddy marsh and nancy frost the hundreds of sugar cookies amy baked}
{amy's baby judah tries to get in on the action}
{yum. chocolate chip bread & a new addition this year-peanut butter kiss cookies}
{so maybe we tried a few of the less cute ones to make sure they tasted ok}
{by the end, the cookies look much better than we do!}
i love treats.
if you were one of the lucky recipients of these treats
and you notice that your plate didn't have any peanut butter kisses,
you can address your complaint to matt.


  1. A friend once made me those peanut butter kisses -- absolutely delish!!! (You can never go wrong with PB and chocolate together.) I've never tried making them -- I think there's at trick to it -- maybe you put the kisses on at the last moment so they don't melt in the oven? Something like that.

    Check out Jodi Cutler del Dottore's blog (link on mine) for news about Paula Rosenthal shutting down the Hearing Exchange and starting a new business making ... desserts! (Are my chocoholic proclivities showing?)

  2. LOVE IT!!! so jello of sweet treats and bug-free kitchens.

  3. Sally is my hero.

  4. i'll be needing some of these tonight. thanks.

  5. What a yummy and fun tradition. Mmmmm, cookies.


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